Adding your event space to Just Venue is simple and requires only a few short steps:

Create an eye-catching title that will grab potential guest's attention, and provide a detailed description of your space, what sort of events it can accommodate.

Enter your space's location so that guests can find you easily. It also may be beneficial to include directions to your venue or make guests aware of any relevant transportation or accessibility information.

Upload images of your space so guests can see your space before they decide to book. Images should be eye catching and high quality.

Make sure your guests can see what days/time your space is available from. This can be a big factor in guests deciding to go ahead with a booking, so make sure these times are clear and consistent.

That's your space listed! Guests who visit the site will now be able to see your venue either by searching a location or by searching types of event.

If you need to edit your listing, no problem! Just get in touch either by email or by phone and we can make adjustments to your listing for you.
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